A Primer to Flannel, PBR and PER

So, if you are looking at this post, that means you have found “Flannel, PBR and PER” a NBA-centric blog that focuses primarily on NBA and Sacramento Kings analysis from a hipsterish guy who lives in Kansas City. I have created a lot of different kinds of blogs, but hopefully FPP satisfies everything I want to write about: basketball and my affinity for Kansas City hipster culture. This blog is meant for two types of people: people who enjoy reading about the NBA and profressional basketball (with a little college sprinkled in) and what Kansas City has to offer to young professionals who like to go against the grain from what is typically expected from those in that demographic (i.e. people who aren’t into the whole being married with kids by 25 thing).

Also, this blog will focus primarily on the Sacramento Kings. Why the Kings? Well, I am from Sacramento originally, and though I grew up a Warriors fan, I have grown in affinity for the Kings mainly because A.) I am a perennial sucker for the underdog and B.) Kansas City reminds me a lot of Sacramento, and the Kings used to be in Kansas City, so it only makes sense that if I am living in Kansas City, that I should primarily root for the Sacramento Kings. With the help of league pass and my own general following of Sacramento Kings blogs, I will also be analyzing and covering the Kings on a regular basis throughout the year (though do expect general NBA analysis as well as some D-League coverage).

What to expect from FPP? Well, a different kind of NBA blog that’s for sure. There are a lot of great basketball blogs out there, and hopefully, FPP can offer something that is different, fresh, analytical, and a source that Kansas City hipsters can appreciate. Maybe me promoting this blog in this kind of fashion in the first post may not strike a chord with the KC hipster scene, but to be honest? I am doing this blog in the way I want to, whether it satisfies that scene or not.

After all, how many hipster NBA blogs are out there anyways? Only one on tumbler for all I know (but props for its post on Jason “White Chocolate” Williams).

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