About Flannel, PBR and PER


Updated April 2, 2016

About three NBA seasons ago (shortly after the Miami Heat won their third NBA title; second in the Lebron-Wade-Bosh era), I moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Little did I know I would be caught in a whirlwind of Big 12 basketball and apathy to the NBA. During my younger years, I grew up loving West Coast Conference Basketball and the NBA (and the occasional Big East and Atlantic 10 game). I went to Gonzaga University and lived in San Jose, California and Los Angeles, California, where I could satiate my hunger for both passions (close to both WCC schools and NBA teams). However, in KC, I am far removed from those two pastimes. This blog serves as an outlet for me to provide analysis on the WCC, the NBA (primarily the Kings) and other basketball-centered topics (Euroleague, FIBA, the NCAA Tournament, etc.). It is also a combination of previous blog projects, most recently Catholic Coast Hoops, which I loved to post on, but just found it too narrow a subject to constantly post on. All relevant posts from CCH have been imported to Flannel, PBR and PER.

However, as I have made a bit of a life here in KC, I have also grown to appreciate the city for what it is, especially the “city” part (not the “burbs” or greater metro area, which I’m “meh” about), whether it’s the venues, the restaurants, the music, the culture, etc. This is a blog where I can outlet my own thoughts and observations of the Kansas City-experience whether it’s on music, film, local politics or just the general scene. I am not quite a journalist, but I did minor in journalism in college and I do not have cable television so I have the time to write.

So that’s what this blog is. Part basketball analysis blog; part personal diary of a 29-year-old Hipster who grew out of California and has now settled exploring the Midwest.

And yes, there is more than corn and cattle here in the Midwest…ass holes.

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